All Wonderful charities can make the most of fee-free donation processing by placing a donate button on their website and any other appropriate touchpoints with donors, such as in email signatures.

There are two ways to use donate buttons, one uses a small piece of HTML code, which can be used by website managers and via website management systems such as WordPress. The second option is to download an image version of a donate button and place the linked image on your website or anywhere else that can display an image with a link.

Code version (for website builders)

In the Wonderful admin area, head to the 'Donate button' page to style your own personalised donation button. Once you’ve designed it to match your brand, website or preference, we’ll generate a bit of code for the button. You can then simply copy this code and paste it on your website page editor wherever you’d like the button to appear. It’s really easy to do, so anybody with a basic knowledge of HTML should be able to palace the button on your website.

The code you will be pasting onto your website will look like this, with the 'pay?ref=' section using your charity's official charity number.

<!-- Start Wonderful Payments button -->
<a target='_blank' href=''>. <button class="wpay-btn wpay-btn-rounded wpay-btn-indigo wpay-btn-lg">Give Now<i class="fas fa-play-circle pl-1"></i></button>
<link rel='stylesheet' href='' type='text/css'/>
<!-- End Wonderful Payments button -->

Image version

If you're not able to use the HTML code version of your button, Wonderful also provides a range of button images in various colours, in case you'd prefer to use your button in image format.

Make the most of your button

Place your donate button in the following places to maximise your donations:

  • Your website, including on your home page, navigation menu and footer;

  • Your charity's email signature;

  • Other digital materials such as PDF documents

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