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Can charities make a donation button without using code?
Can charities make a donation button without using code?
Make donating quick and easy for supporters visiting your website
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Sharing your donation page URL is easy - and something we've covered in this guide. But you might also want a more permanent donation button to sit on your website. We create tailored code to generate a donation button: you can find out how to use that here.

But if you aren't comfortable with coding, we have an alternative, easy method here.

You can simply attach your URL to an image, to create a sort of DIY ‘Donate’ button.

To do this, you can simply select the image that best suits your charity from the selection we’ve created. You can find these images by clicking this link. You can also find these images (as well as the donation button code generator) in your Wonderful admin area.

Once you’ve downloaded the image, you’ll be able to easily insert it into your website or blog using CMS platforms like WordPress. Once you’ve inserted the image, you should be able to right-click or edit the image and attach the URL.

When a donor encounters the image of your donation button on your website, it will be clickable. One click and they’ll be taken straight to your donation page, where they can make their bank-to-bank donation.

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