Wonderful provides a completely free donation service for UK-registered charities.

Previously, a Fair Usage policy was in place. Fair use was defined as any direct donation volume up to 1,000 individual transactions per month.

This applied to direct donations (those made directly to a charity such as via a donate button on the charity's website).

What if my charity exceeded 1,000 direct donations per month?

Previously, if your charity received more than 1,000 direct donations in a given month, a flat fee of 10p per transaction (+ VAT) applied - only to those transactions above the monthly 1,000 limit.

Donations made to individual fundraising pages at Wonderful.org were always fee-free and our Fair Usage policy did not apply to these donations.

What does the removal of the Fair Usage policy mean?

The removal of our Fair Usage Policy means that any direct donations above 1,000 no longer apply a flat fee of 10p per transaction.

Receiving more than 1,000 donations per month would have been unlikely, but we are delighted that the removal of the Fair Usage policy means that all donations, both direct and to fundraising pages, are unlimited and fee-free.

If you have any questions about the removal of the Fair Usage policy, please contact us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner of the screen, or email [email protected].

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