Charity applications to register with Wonderful are currently paused and will reopen again from approximately early December.

If you'd like to be notified as soon as applications reopen, click here.

Open Banking has allowed Wonderful to continue to offer its services fee-free, replacing debit and credit cards with simple, fast and secure account-to-account payments.

This ensures that Wonderful can continue to pass 100% of every donation directly to charities.

The spectacular growth of Open Banking is also the reason we created Wonderful Payments Limited. With this new entity, we developed a contractual relationship with Citizen UK Holding Ltd (a Third-Party Payment Processor (TPP)) to supply Open Banking payment services to the Wonderful Organisation.

As part of our ongoing growth and development, we are delighted to announce that Wonderful Payments has received approval to operate as an Authorised Payment Institution in its own right.

As an FCA-Authorised Payment Institution, Wonderful Payments will shortly be replacing Citizen to process donations to your charity directly.

This will allow us to provide an end-to-end service for donors and charities, where all user experiences take place directly through Wonderful.

To ensure a smooth and seamless transition during this period, we will temporarily be pausing new charity applications to mitigate any short-term impact this changeover may have on new registrations. We'll also be using this opportunity to make improvements to the charity onboarding process.

Current charities will be transitioned to the new Wonderful Payments service in batches between 15 and 27 November 2022. Once this has been completed, we will begin accepting new charity applications from 28 November 2022. All administrative functions for charities will take place from your new dashboard at

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this transition, and we look forward to welcoming new charities on board again soon.

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