We at Wonderful pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring charity fundraising can be fee-free.

We do not take a percentage of funds raised, ask for tips, or do anything that prevents 100% of donations going to the rightful cause.

Part of maintaining this ethos means being a card-free platform. Although card payments may be familiar to donors, they are inherently clunky and generate significant fees, which would otherwise result in additional costs for charities and donors.

Instead, Wonderful uses a much more modern payment method: A2A (account-to-account) transactions, powered by Open Banking. This new and easy way to pay involves a direct bank transfer between the donor and the charity's bank account. We simply ask donors to select their bank and then hand them over to their online banking/mobile banking app to authorise their transaction. By using this new and exciting payment method, we can provide a truly fee-free fundraising platform to the UK charity sector at scale, and that’s what makes us wonderful.

If you do not currently use online banking or a mobile banking app, your bank can help you get set up with this. We support most major UK banks, and our list of banks will only continue to grow.

The experience for donors is also much easier, as there’s no need to type out lengthy card numbers. In fact, there’s usually no manual data entry at all, thanks to the biometric (fingerprint / face ID) security on today’s mobile devices.

Unlike many other platforms, Wonderful passes donations to the charity in near real-time, so funds can be put to good use more quickly.

Our A2A payments are also safer for your donors’ financial data, as there’s no need for us to ask for card details or other sensitive payment data. We leave that to the banks.

Overall, this means that your donation is cost-effective, faster, and safer.

You won’t see card payments as an option here at Wonderful.

We believe that A2A payments are the future, and they’re part of what makes us wonderful.

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