Once you've created your fundraising account at wonderful.org you'll be able to create fundraising pages for any charity listed on the platform.

If the charity you'd like to raise money for isn't registered with Wonderful, you'll be able to trigger a personal message when creating your page to help prompt them on board. Please note that it can take a few weeks for a charity to be approved so it is best to check whether your charity is listed well ahead of your fundraising event.

Building your fundraising page

From inside your fundraising account, click on 'Create a fundraising page' to get started. From here you'll be able to specify various details including your page name, optional event dates, imagery and a description of what you're doing to raise donations for your charity.

The best fundraising pages contain good imagery, an engaging story and regular updates. Check out our Top Tips for the perfect fundraising page if you need help with this.

Editing your fundraising page

You can still edit much of your fundraising page after you've published it: Click on the 'Edit' button in the 'Fundraising pages' section of your account.

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Posting updates to your fundraising page

Replying to donation messages

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