Wonderful.org is a free online fundraising platform for anyone wishing to raise money for a registered UK charity.

Fundraisers and charities choose Wonderful.org to ensure that every penny raised as part of a fundraising event or challenge is passed on to the charity.

With Wonderful.org there are no subscriptions fees or set up charges for charities, no transaction fees added to donations and no contributions requested from fundraisers or donors to support the platform.

How can Wonderful.org be truly free?

Every aspect of the Wonderful.org platform is funded by the incredible generosity of its corporate sponsors. That means staff don't take a salary, and all transaction fees and other running costs are covered by Wonderful.org's partners.

Furthermore, donations made via the Wonderful fundraising platform don't rely on credit and debit card payments, which can be costly and inefficient. Instead, Wonderful uses Open Banking to allowing donors to securely transfer money directly to the charity's bank account - and the whole process is authorised by the donor's existing Mobile / Online Banking service. This new A2A (account-to-account) donation method makes transactions much more efficient and cost-effective for Wonderful and its corporate sponsors and allows the platform to scale.

Get started

Charities wishing to utilise either of the services above can register via the Wonderful charity registration process.

Fundraisers can get started with their next fundraising campaign by creating a free account at Wonderful.org.

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