Whenever someone makes a donation on a Wonderful.org fundraising page, the payment is transferred directly from the donor's bank account to the charity's bank account. This process is made possible by Open Banking - a new way for payments to be made quickly and securely from any computer or mobile device.

The donation is handled by Wonderful (wonderful.co.uk), and each payment is authorised by the donor's own Mobile Banking app or Online Banking facility, which improves donor confidence and allows the platform to offer 100% free fundraising at scale.

Can donors pay by credit / debit card?

Wonderful does not support payments via credit or debit card. Instead, donors make direct and secure payments using their own Mobile or Online Banking service as described above. The high cost associated with traditional credit and debit card donations is prohibitive for charities, which is why Wonderful is a fantastic option when it comes to fundraising.

For more information about Open Banking technology, take a look at our simple guide.

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