In case you're confused about the difference between Wonderful ( and the Wonderful Organisation (, this article will clear things up for you...


Wonderful ( is a donation payment provider, which allows registered UK charities to receive donations via their own websites or by sharing a link to their dedicated charity donation page.

Payments are transferred directly and securely from the donor's to the charity's bank account, using Open Banking payment technology. This results in a better payment experience for donors and significant cost savings for charities.

Payments to charities processed by Wonderful are completely fee-free! is a 100% fee-free charity fundraising platform, which allows members of the public to raise money for a charity of their choosing. Donations made via are powered by Wonderful (above) but there are never any fees for donations originating from - the fair usage policy described above only applies to direct donations, not those made via the fundraising platform.

Unlike many other charity fundraising platforms, does not charge charities any fees or take a commission from donations. Instead, the platform is funded by corporate sponsors, who generously cover all platform costs so that charities can receive every penny generated by the efforts of their fundraisers.

Because fundraisers give everything, takes nothing.

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